Thursday, September 11, 2008

water and diets the natural skin care

When trying our some skin care products, it is better to have some knowledge about our own skin. As some people have oily skin while others has dry skin. Apply the right skin care, gives you the beauty skin but the best natural skin care is to drink plenty of water as water bathes cells and eliminates waste products, preventing constipation. Wash your face with in the morning and before going to bed.

Diets also plays a very important parts of our skin as good skin
is a reflection of a good digestive system. Take more fiber food and avoid or consume less oily and spicy food. Take more vegetables and fruits.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Care, diet and exercises the best natural skin care

The best natural skin care is to wash your face every times you went to bed with clean soap so that the dirts do not stay in the face. After each outing and when return from the hot sun wash your face after it cool down. Drinks plenty of water each days and reduce the intake of heated and spicy food. Take food that has more fiber in diets. Such as whole grain and brown rice. Take more vegetable and fruits each days. An apple a day were keep your skin healthy.

Try to move around and get some fresh air after to long sitting in your desk. Moving your body help to release stress level which help to promote healthy skin. Inactivity may affect skin and promote bloating and puffiness, acne, cellulite, and loss of muscle tone which can cause skin to get ache. Daily exercises is most recommended to natural skin care.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Exercise and eating healthy the best natural skin care

If you go through magazine on skin care, their are many products in the market that tell you about skin care and most company were tell you that their skin care product is the best. Some products are really lives to its name while some are not up to that level of expectation. But sometimes is not the natural skin care products but is the allergy of our skin to the products. If you experience or come across such incident, it is best to stop using the products and get back to buying counter or see a skin doctors.

Most ladies used skin care products for the beauty of the skin but the best natural skin care products are eating health foods such as vegetables and fruits and drinks a lots of water to avoid dryness of our skin. As exercise helps reduce cholesterol its also at the same time helps strengthen our body muscle, bones, our body tissue to helps and make our skin looks healthy. Sweating during exercise will get rids of the toxin or chemicals in our body through our skin that can helps us maintain healthy skin.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Foods and nutrition a natural skin care

Natural skin care plays a very importants parts in ones life. The best natural skin care is the food and nutrition that we take dialy. Peoples who lives in tropical country where the weather is hot most of the time has to take extra care for their skin. Drinks a lots of water as water will hydrate our skin cell so our skin will look smoothers. Enviroment and air pollution is also another cause to our skin as our face will get dust quite often.

Wash your face with clean tap water after each outing, Take more vegetables and fruits and drinks alots of water each days so our body won't feel dry. Cleance our face with soap and water every times we go to beds. Do some light exercise daily in the morning and in the evening.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sugar a cause to ageing and wrinkles

There are many causees towards skin ageing and skin problem. The main culprit towards skin ageing are physical and mental stress and diet. According to skincare experts skin problems such as itches, hives, eczema and psoriasis are cause due to stress.

Diet also plays a very important in ageing. Take more nutrition food such as fruits and vegetable and avoid heated and oily food. Drinks alots of water and daily exercises to keep young. Reduce sugar intake. High consumption of sugar produced Glycation which can damage our protein molecules with eventually damage the collagen in the skin and the elasticity and later forming wrinkles which cause our skin to age. Looking after your skin and a proper digestive system is one of the best way to natural skin care.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Best natural skin care, drink alots of water

Most people relied on cosmetic skin care for their skin beauty but the natural skin care is in you. Most people who stay in a heavy density area which faces dirty air poluttion and everyday breating in dirty air, their skin will not be as smooth as smooth as those people living in country side or on the hill side. so this people mostly depend on cosmetic skin care. Enviroments plays a very important parts towards our skin care.

Another best natural skin care is water as our body needs sufficients water to hydrate our skin cell so that our skin will get firmer and looks smoother and will make people look much beautiful with less aging skin. Drinking of 1500cc of water per day will help our body to flush out the unwanted waste from our body the next morning. Besides drinking alots of water, eating more vegetables and fruits and avoid eating heated and oily food. This are are the goals towards our natural skin care and living a heathy life.


Friday, July 06, 2007

The best natural skin care is in you

Looking great is a must for every man and women as they had to faces it and everyday career challanges. Most young and age women and men will go for facist most every month such as to build up the imperfects complextion like fine line, sagging skin, dark eye rings cause by late night sleep and environmental damage, stress and anxiety, and the natural process of aging, uneven skin tone and open pores such as pimples.

Today in the market there are many famous branded company and with new technology there are new creams and lotions to help every men and women to look young beautiful or handson. There are creams to covers your skin line, cure your pimples anlo helps the skin towards the natural process of aging and to make your skin look fairers and white. But the best natural skin care is in you. Daily exercises and facist exercise, Eat less oily food and heated food and take more vegetable and fruits. Wash your face with mile soap every morning and night and after a days outing in the hot sun and dirty air evnviroment.